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"Government tyranny is a prelude to treason."

"Government's job is to level the playing field not to play on the field..."

"Great sex is a result of good relationship building. Generally you can't build good relationships out of great sex."

"Greed has no political party..."

"Group determination starts with self determination..."

"Guilt is a poor motivator, find a better one."

"Hate is the doctrine of fools and the mantra of misery. It is the poison into which a person submerges to thoroughly profane and destroy themselves."

"Heterophobia is the opposite of Homophobia."

"How you finish is a byproduct of choices. Choose well, finish well."

"Humanity and Civility are inseparable as are Natural Law and Civil Law. The latter is the offspring of the former."

"Humility is rarely acquired therefore usually served."

"Humility precedes reconciliation."

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