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"Four Things that are Sacred; The truth from another's lips; An act that demonstrates trust; The pure woman's heart; A child's perception of a parent."

"Freedom is not defined as the ability to do whatever you want. Freedom is the ability to self-control."

"Fundamental human nature is immune to politics and will behave relevant to all of it's beauty and ugliness."

"Go ahead and add acceptance to your toolbox. You will find at times it works like magic."

"God created all of mankind, loves all mankind, gave Himself for mankind."

"God created men. Men created prejudice.

"God gives power to serve others, not to serve ourselves."

"God promises we can have joy, peace and prosperity in our lives but he doesn't promise that's all we will have."

"God will not do for you what He has ordained for you to do for yourself."

"God's persistence is far greater than our resistance."

"Good governance doesn't start with policy it starts with people..."

"Government entitlements are like ticks. They crawl, suck and get bigger."

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