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"Character and integrity are gifts one gives themselves."

"Character manifests through service."

"Children watch their parents more than they listen to them."

"Cleverness is reactive, wisdom is proactive. One lives in the moment, the other plans for the moment."

"Corporations are the modern day equivalent of the ancient kingdoms and whether or not they are righteous is up to the king."

"Corrupt government begins with irresponsible voting or the lack thereof..."

"Courage is a hallmark of manhood."

"Criminality is defined as anyone who believes they are a law unto themselves and acts to violate the civil and human rights of others."

"Deception often flows through a conduit of naivety."

"Delayed obedience is disobedience."

"Deliver the product and get paid..."

"Denial is a guilty blindness, a blindness willingly embraced to medicate the guilty from the responsibility and accountability of their actions."

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