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"An assumption is always the assumer's responsibility."

"An education is only as good as a man."

"An out of control government is run by out of control people. One is the child of the other. As it feeds on itself chaos follows."

"Any definition of freedom, no matter how it is cloaked, whose emphasis is exclusively the service of self, or who attempts to relieve the recipient of their personal responsibility of self governance is not truly a freedom but actually a prison cell..."

"Any digital content of sufficient value, interest or perceived worth will eventually be clandestinely copied. - Carter's Digital Content Law (1999)"

"Any person regardless of their age, who refuses to accept personal responsibility is still a child."

"Anyone who fails to realize life is a game is being hunted."

"Anyone who gains power from a lie will fall from a lie..."

"Anything that cannot reproduce becomes extinct. If that is true then how can nature be the author of homosexuality?"

"Anything with more than one head is a freak and anything with no head is dead."

"Appeasement is the language of the conquered."

"Asking for help doesn't make you weak it just proves you're human."

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