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"The best way to have a friend is to be one."

"The chief attribute of manhood is the ability to love and forgive."

"The chief ingredient of healing is the passage of time."

"The Church uses the power of the Word, the secular state responds with its power to tax"

"The collective content on the internet is basically the mind of man turned inside out."

"The critical thinkers of the world are miserable because they're so lonely."

"The difference between contracts and covenants is this, one is signed in ink the other is signed in blood."

"The difference between lasting wealth and getting rich is motive and intent."

"The exponentially expanding future of technology, devices, software and apps contains one ruinous flaw... diminishing self awareness and shrinking freedom of choice. No exclusive subscriber is exempt."

"The failing of one or two of America’s cultural pillars is a phenomenon; a steady string of them is a revolution."

"The horrid thing about sincerity is that it can often masquerade as virtue."

"The human race is basically made up of two kinds of people… the goodies and the baddies. What separates the two is motive and intent."

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