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"Socialism is an opiate for some people creating a euphoric belief that they can make things equal by making things unequal."

"Socialism is just soft communism. The only thing that separates the two is regular elections."

"Some leaders are chosen, great leaders are realized..."

"Some of the greatest secrets in life are hidden in plain sight."

"Sometimes we miss the miraculous by fearing the mundane...

"Sovereignty and borders are one and the same, without both you have neither."

"Speaking of politics, the spirit of getting even is the enemy to getting it done..."

"Spiritual battles appear in natural things."

"Stoning to death is still tolerated in modern culture, we just use words instead of stones..."

"Subterfuge with nefarious intent is the fingerprint of sin."

"Success and perfection are not synonomous."

"Success is a combination of force and tolerance."

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