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"Rather than waiting for life to happen, make your life to happen. Waiting around till you get younger doesn't work."

"Real Men are people of action, not people of reaction."

"Real men must take responsibility not only for the past and what it has been, the future for what it can be, but for the now and what we are making it."

"Refuse to be a prisoner of idealism."

"Relationships are like flower gardens. They require regular care and attention to remain beautiful."

"Religious radicalization that leads to murder is a form of insanity."

"Rules exist to promote joy not prevent joy."

"Safety and security are offered in exchange for liberty and freedom. Be careful."

"Self-improvement is the antithesis of self-indulgence."

"Separate your human sentiments from Godly sentiments and your life will become clearer."

"Socialism in 7 words: When everybody owns it, nobody owns it..."

"Socialism is a prison cell pretending to be a sunny mountain meadow."

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