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"Love is a very great thing. In fact, the greatest of things. And something that great never comes easy..."

"Love is not looking for perfect, that's why love is perfect."

"Maturity includes the practiced ability to consider facts in an objective manner, facts that stand on their own and not connected to any person or ideology you happen to like or dislike."

"Maturity is a process not an event."

"Men build kingdoms and women seek their favor."

"Men will justify what they think instead of reasoning what they think."

"Modern Liberalism is just communism by proxy."

"More concerned with a heart that spawns a lie than the lips that spoke it."

"Most any story sounds true until you hear the other side, which is why news stops being journalism when journalists toss their objectivity and become partisan..."

"Most conflicts with others are the byproduct of conflicts within..."

"My years of prayer wanderings have lead me to mountain top vistas that shined brightly with morning sunrises while others smoldered in ruins."

"Nationality must precede internationality."

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