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"If a standard ever changes, it ceases to exist."

"If pigs could fly they would look like birds."

"If political correctness continually defines everything you will eventually have nothing..."

"If power is left unattended fools rush in to claim it."

"If the Federal Government can exclusively define the sovereign borders of religious conscience then there is no First Amendment."

"If the people need government's permission to defend themselves then the people have no defense against the government."

"If there are people in our society who can without conscience murder fourty million innocent unborn human beings then there's nothing that they won't do."

"If they can relieve your responsibility they can take your freedom..."

"If trust is given away too quickly wicked men will rise to power and the people will groan."

"If you are not a student of history you will be no good at politics..."

"If you are not ready to do anything to change, you will be unable to do everything to change."

"If you don't understand every step then you don't understand"

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