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"A criminal willing to commit a crime with a gun is not worried about committing a crime to obtain one..."

"A culture built on celebrity and personality is a house made of cards."

"A fool has no appetite for wisdom therefore a proverb is wasted on him."

"A Free Press is protected by the Constitution. An accurate Press is protected by men and women of integrity. Without both we lose the Republic."

"A government promise to give you something for nothing ends up costing you everything."

"A heart is the genesis of both the problem and the solution."

"A kingdom built on lies is a kingdom soon to fall."

"A lie injures both the hearer and the teller."

"A man cannot separate his actions and his philosophy. If he tries to tell you he can, he's selling something."

"A man cannot solve spiritual problems by secular means..."

"A nation is known by the leaders it chooses or tolerates..."

"A prison is anything that physically controls you or financially controls you."

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