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"Every time I see one of those "Hey Look at Me!" beauty-modeling-celebrity-dancing-sporting-event-talent-show contests I remind myself that no one has ever seen the end of a rainbow."

"Everything doesn't go exactly as you plan but that's no excuse not to try."

"Evil is no more evil today than it was 1000 years ago, there is just more of it."

"Facts are based on physics; truth is based on faith..."

"Faith is not blind, it's inspired..."

"Faith looks forward, fear looks backward."

"Few things in life are as powerful as denial. Denial is so powerful it destroyed Lucifer himself."

"Follow your inspiration."

"Forgiveness is empowering."

"Forgiving someone is not contengent upon their repentance."

"Four Things that are Sacred; The truth from another's lips; An act that demonstrates trust; The pure woman's heart; A child's perception of a parent."

"Freedom is not defined as the ability to do whatever you want. Freedom is the ability to self-control."

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