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"You can't get whole credit for half a job."

"You can't have intimacy without trust."

"You can't have resurrection without death."

"You can't have trust without truth."

"You can't lead men with talent. If you do they will compete with you. If you lead them with character they will respect you."

"You don't have to kill a man to destroy him just confiscate his wealth and ability to defend himself."

"You eventually come to the place where staying busy is no longer a substitute for what is missing."

"You must release the old in order to embrace the new.... and for one brief moment it's a little scary..."

"Your life in the world is a canvas. Paint something!"

"Youth always expires, Wisdom never expires."

“Generally, if you do not have evolution from above, you’ll get revolution from beneath.”

“Godly wisdom created the periodic table of elements.”

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