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"You don't have to kill a man to destroy him just confiscate his wealth and ability to defend himself."

"You eventually come to the place where staying busy is no longer a substitute for what is missing."

"You must release the old in order to embrace the new.... and for one brief moment it's a little scary..."

"Your life in the world is a canvas. Paint something!"

"Youth always expires, Wisdom never expires."

“Generally, if you do not have evolution from above, you’ll get revolution from beneath.”

“Godly wisdom created the periodic table of elements.”

A constitutional republic established in it's sovereignty is governed by its citizens not by its guests.

A law is only as effective as the willingness to enforcement it.

It takes courage to tell the truth and such courage is the fruit of character.

Liberalism says "We're going to make you do the right thing", Conservatism says "We invite you to do the right thing."

Natural law cannot be redefined by anyone for any reason. It can only be discovered, forgotten or ignorned.

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