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"Without forgiveness your vision is narrowed, your energy is drained and your thought life is tormented..."

"Without humility there can be no love."

"Without love our successes are empty, our lives are shallow, our hopes fade and our faith becomes powerless..."

"Words can be cheap, that's why some people spend a lot of them."

"You are often given choices to make in life before you have the experience to make them. It's true about having children. It's true about getting married. It's true about choosing a career."

"You can only change the future by changing (the) now."

"You can try to fix it, or you can let it heal."

"You cannot achieve personal excellence by embracing communal mediocrity..."

"You cannot completely love until you completely trust."

"You cannot experience the Divine unless you are divinely connected."

"You cannot make the citizenry more secure in their persons by disarming them..."

"You cannot solve a problem until you first admit that it is real."

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