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"What makes the deliverance mighty is the depth of the oppression."

"Whatever you have to do to get it, is what you must do to keep it."

"When a fool cannot refute the wisdom in one's writing he will ridicule the writer..."

"When a nation of people becomes willing to hear lies their leaders become liars..."

"When facts can be reduced to mere opinion truth falls in the streets..."

"When it comes to market investing, how is mathmatical, when is psychological."

"When our polity is based on opinions our public policy is assembled in wet paper bags."

"When politics exceeds patriotism the world is in danger..."

"When the enemy is at the gate we don't "not fight" because we might get killed, or because it's dangerous, or because we might get injured... We just go fight."

"When the value of money is no longer driven by our labor we have lost the power of self-determination"

"When you rescue someone from their choices you deprive them of opportunities to grow."

"When you walk with God you must learn to become satisfied with a promise."

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