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"To face challenges in life is human, it's how we deal with them that makes us men."

"To learn you must endure..."

"To reshape history due to political correctness is to intentionally deceive yourself."

"Today’s failures revealed are tomorrow’s successes concealed."

"Too often corporate progress is a juggernaut willing to crush the life out of anyone or anything that gets in its way."

"True freedom flows through a conduit of self-motivated work."

"True leaders are always stirring the pot..."

"True wisdom is guarded by the time and the effort that it takes to acquire it."

"Trust is not an emotion it's a choice."

"Trust must be won by actions not bargained by words."

"Truth and honesty are not synonymous. One can be sincere, yet sincerely wrong."

"Try hard to be true to yourself without being an offense to others. Good luck."

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