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"There are no welfare systems in an ant colony."

"There are reasons why children do not run the world."

"There are some things you just canít fix with words."

"There is no substitute for obiedience."

"There will always be some answers in life we just donít have but we always have each other."

"There's usually little money in telling the truth, but people will pay to be told what they want to hear."

"Those who break the law to become the law are the tyrants of history and the harbingers of failure."

"Those who fail to forgive in life, generally fail at life."

"Those who fail to forgive in matters of love, generally fail at love."

"Time is the only currency with which you can purchase wisdom."

"To aspire to leadership is to paint a target on your chest..."

"To be truly free one must accept personal responsibility and practice self-determination."

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