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"A reasoned argument creates no impact when preached to villages of idiots."

"Able bodied people are not plants. If you give them free food they will not grow."

"All behavior has consequences."

"All murder begins with hatred."

"All one must do to have a crisis in life is to live long enough to have the first one."

"All political correctness is based in some degree of prejudice."

"All rights are backed by an authority. If you claim a right name your authority."

"Ambiguity is the device of circumvention."

"Ambition takes no prisoners."

"America is choosing the way of pain and not of reason. Either way, you learn. - 7/2016"

"America's churches are to her morals as the press is to her free speech. Without boldness in both we are doomed..."

"An assumption is always the assumer's responsibility."

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