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"The Knights of old were considered noble because they acted not merely because they were born..."

"The last thing the devil does before he destroys people is he isolates them from one another."

"The more you can control the people, the more you can own the people. Ownership is about control..."

"The most successful software systems are developed in teams and model nature."

"The pain of disobedience must surpass the desire for folly."

"The problem is not banks, itís greed; the problem is not government, itís lust for power; the problem is not votes, itís voter apathy."

"The problem with trying to satisfy a tyrant is that a tyrant is never satisfied."

"The reason a tyrant is a tyrant is because their world view is so narrow hardly anything but them ever fits in it."

"The sun rises, the winds blow and tyrants fall..."

"The tongue and the hand follow the heart."

"The whole world is filled with knowledge and most of it cannot be found in colleges and universities."

"There are basically two kinds of obedience.... Forced obedience & Inspired obedience. Which would you rather have?"

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