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"Most conflicts with others are the byproduct of conflicts within..."

"My years of prayer wanderings have lead me to mountain top vistas that shined brightly with morning sunrises while others smoldered in ruins."

"Nationality must precede internationality."

"Nations are not built on their politics. Strong nations are built on their people and their character..."

"Nature is a template for successful designs..."

"No Gain Without Brain."

"No man is an island. Relationships are the problem, relationships are the solution."

"No scientific fact can be established without first conceptualization followed by realization..."

"Not sure if there are really any truly original thoughts, more like a discovery of what was already there."

"Often times the secret to success is being willing to listen to what you don't want to hear."

"On a long enough time line the truth will always prevail..."

"On a long enough timeline the ambitiously treacherous will eventually convince the naively idealistic to accept social imprisonment as a form of freedom."

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