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"It's better to be out there making mistakes doing something, than continually doing nothing for fear of doing it wrong."

"It's often true that a wicked man does not realize he's a wicked man."

"Leadership requires the heart of a servant not the voice of a tyrant.."

"Leading others is better than pushing others."

"Liberal feminism divides the genders, Christianity unites the genders."

"Liberalism is a dystopian state of mind from which few are ever delivered. It is emotionally driven, irrational and cannot be reasoned with. It can only be defeated."

"Liberty and responsibility are synonymous. If you don't keep them in balance you are not free. "

"Life is a process of serial refinements. Each one you make, makes you just a little bit better."

"Love is a very great thing. In fact, the greatest of things. And something that great never comes easy..."

"Love is not looking for perfect, that's why love is perfect."

"Maturity includes the practiced ability to consider facts in an objective manner, facts that stand on their own and not connected to any person or ideology you happen to like or dislike."

"Maturity is a process not an event."

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