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"If you reject all knowledge of the past you burn the canvas of the future."

"If you truly believe in free speech then you truly have thick skin."

"In Christ when we seek to be mastered by Him we become the masters of our own future in Him."

"In every long line there is always someone who can walk you to the front."

"In learning the game of life there is no substitute for decision and consequence..."

"Intellectual assent is superfluous knowledge, resignation to the fact is acceptance."

"Intelligence and character are not the same thing."

"Intolerance is a form of hatred that is rooted in unresolved anger..."

"It is better to build character than personality."

"It is not by being passive that a nation can maintain its authority...."

"It is when men's hearts are free that mankind is at its best."

"It takes two people to make a marriage or relationship work, but only one to make it fail."

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